# If you have a central air conditioner or heat pump system you could be heating water with your "waste heat". When you are cooling your home or office, your air conditioner is literally throwing away many kilowatts of heat per day that could be heating your water.

A GTD heat recovery unit can transfer approximately one third of this waste heat into your water heater. This means a significant reduction in water heating costs. Your actual energy savings are subject to many variables such as air conditioner size and run time, hot water usage, and heating costs. However, a GTD heat recovery system can yield a return on investment (ROI) from 20% up to 70%, or greater.

Average Hot Water Output per running hour
(Assuming entering water temperature of 15.5°C with an output temperature of 60°C)
Compressor Size
Litres of Hot Water
Supplied per hour
5 HP 117.3 L p/hr
4 HP 93.8 L p/hr
3 HP 70.3 L p/hr
2.5 HP 58.6 L p/hr
2 HP 46.9 L p/hr
1 HP 35.2 L p/hr
Please note: These figures are based on the use of refridgerant R22, and may vary with other refridgerants.

When GTD units are applied to heat pumps, water can be heated during the heating season. Since this heat is not waste heat, the energy is not free.

Average KW per hour Recovered
Entering Water Temperature GTD Heat Recovery Unit
21.1°C 5.6 KW
15.5°C 6.0 KW
10.0°C 6.5 KW
(Based on a 5 HP Compressor)

# When you consider that the co-efficient of performance (COP=(watts of heat out)-(watts of energy in)), of the average heat pump is 2.0 to 5.0 and the COP of an electric water heater is 1.0, a substantial reduction in water heating costs can be realised. This means potential year round savings.

All GTD heat recovery units are constructed of the highest quality materials and components available. Stringent quality checks and performance testing assure you of a reliable, high performance product.

The heart of every GTD unit is an all copper UL listed heat exchanger. With its patented enhanced surface, the unit has one of the highest heat transfer rates per meter of any double-walled heat exchanger in production. Since each heat exchanger/pump assembly is pressure and leak tested prior to final assembly, the chance of in-service failure is practically eliminated.

# Basic controls are fused and pre-wired with thermostats on gas and water for ease of installation and servicing. Additional controls are available on request.

Heat exchanger assemblies are encased in a closed cell containing high-density foam insulation to minimise heat loss and dampen mechanical noise. The entire assembly is then housed in an all aluminium cabinet that can withstand the most hostile environment.

The pumps used in GTD active units are the maintenance free circular type. These high efficiency pumps require a minimum amount of power (approx. 80 watts) and are designed for years of trouble free service.



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