The Problem

Laundries. Bathrooms. Basements. Indoor Swimming Pools. All these rooms are commonly associated with humidity. And they all tend to suffer the same problems with mildew, mould & condensation.

Moisture Build Up

Large amounts of water are produced by daily activities in the home: Cooking, showering, bathing, washing – even breathing – all add significant amounts of moisture to the air. When combined with atmospheric Moisture (often high in Eastern Australia) and damp from structural design of some homes, the results can be:-

• Mould on clothes, curtains, walls and ceilings
• Musty odours
• Condensation on windows
• Health problems (eg. Asthma) in sensitive individuals

The Solution

GTD Dehumidifiers remove large amounts of water every day – quietly and efficiently, substantially reducing the conditions under which mould and condensation occur. The DH24 and some of our larger units are well suited to indoor pool room moisture and corrosion control. (Safety Note: All pool room dehumidifiers are fitted with an Earth Leakage Safety Plug.)

Why should I install a GTD Dehumidifier?
GTD Dehumidifiers are strong and reliable, and also:-



GTD units are powerful enough to cope with even the most demanding Australian conditions.



A strong handle located in the top of the unit and castors underneath make the unit easily portable without the need to lift or bend.



With the air intake and condensation outlet located on the front and top of the dehumidifier, this special feature allows the unit to be placed right up against the wall, with a piece of furniture on either side.

With their stylish looks and quiet operation, you will always find a home for one of our compact and reliable dehumidification units.

Model DH12 DH16 DH24
Moisture Extraction Litres/day @ 30C, 80% RH 12 16 24
Humidity Control – accurate & fully adjustable Y Y Y
Top Carry Handle Y Y Y
4 Castor Wheels Y Y Y
Air Cleaner – Nylon Y Y Y
Air Cleaner – Carbon (Optional) Y Y Y
Auto Defrost – Advanced Y Y Y
Large 4L tank (front load) w/ permanent drain option Y Y Y
Power (when running) 250w 320w 480w



Geo Thermo Dynamics, based in the New South Wales Snowy Mountains, is the only Australian owned and operated ground source heat pump installation company in Australia (to the best of our knowledge). All of our systems are Australian designed, manufactured, and installed.


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